News & Events

  • Offical Project End

    The European INTERREG CultTour project has now officially ended on June 30, 2014. The project partners thank the public for their interest and remain available for further questions under The project website featuring the main outputs and...

  • Final Conference in Avrig and Sibiu, Romania

    After 3,5 years, the European INTERREG CultTour project closes at the end of June 2014. The project consortium would like to use that opportunity to get together a last time and therefore kindly invites interested people to the 'Final CultTour Conference'.

  • Video Garden Routes of South East Europe

    Watch the latest CultTour video "Garden Routes of South East Europe"! The video presents the great diversity of cultural garden and open space heritage sites in the countries of Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania in four national garden routes.

Current Findings

  • Results of the Feasibility Study

    The partners responsible for the pilot sites in Avrig, Taranto and Veliko Tarnovo have finished their feasibility studies and are proud to present the results.

  • Garden Routes of SEE Flyers

    Following the Garden Routes of SEE video, the Berlin University of Technology in cooperation with the Regional Department of Heritage in Apulia publishes the garden routes in a usable flyer format.

  • Regional Routes - Open Spaces around the Project Pilot Sites

    To highlight the landscape identity of the involved pilot site regions, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna created regional open space routes that are illustrated in four different brochures.